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Our International Health Products

xn global mobility program

Since its inception, XN's team of proven professionals have dedicated themselves to introducing insurance and financial products...
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xn expat plus program

The XN Expat PLUS program offers a variety of comprehensive health insurance plans that protect an expatriate and their family...
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xn business travel insurance

In today's global economy, business travel is an essential tool for internationally active organizations.
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xn custom program

XN offers a fully customizable health care program for your mobile population. With years of experience creating a variety of comprehensive health insurance plans...
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The very best medical network

Worldwide Providers

highest quality providers

Chosen with strict criteria focusing on the quality of services provided, fair pricing, and acceptance of direct billing.

Freedom of choice

Although we recommend the professionals in our medical network, you are free to choose your own hospitals and medical practicioners.

medical advisory board

Consists of advising physicians, dentists, consultants in orthodontics, nurses, pharmacists and medical assistants. They are available to assist you in whatever medical decision you have to take.

direct settlement

For inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy benefits, and no minimum!

the assistance we offer

international EAP

Confidential support service to help you solve problems and challenges while you are on assignment in a different country.

Unlimited Evacuation

In case of medical emergencies, we offer evacuation to ensure that you get the best possible treatment.

Access to critical information

We give you access to information tools to know exactly where you’ll be heading to and what that will be like.