xn temporary housing insurance

The XN Temporary Housing Insurance program is a package product developed to respond to the needs of the global housing industry. It provides personal content and personal premises liability coverage for the clients/guests. Coverage commence once the beneficiary has checked-registered into the apartment-room rental facility. Coverage terminates once the beneficiary has checked-out of the apartment-room rental facility.

Coverage Features

Personal Content
  • All content is insured at “Full Replacement Cost” with the exception of items which by their inherent nature cannot be replaced
  • Personal content insurance limits is available up to $50,000

Additional Coverage
  • Bed bug remediation coverage limitation endorsement available
  • Accidental damage coverage limitation endorsement available
Personal Premises Liability

    This coverage is worldwide and protects clients/guests which may become legally liable to pay for property damage caused while registered in the apartment-room rental.

  • This is the part of the policy you look to for protection if the clients/guests are sued for damage caused by fire, explosion, water damage or smoke to the apartment-room rental and its contents. Defense cost included.
  • Personal premises liability is available up to $500,000
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