When employees go abroad,
XN lets them leave insurance worries behind.


If you represent a multinational company with expatriate employees, XN is your single source for global mobility health and property & casualty.


With the capacity to underwrite in over 170 countries and the backing of A-rated carriers, XN offers proven reliability to risk managers and human resource executives.


When you become an XN client, you can fine-tune the insurance coverage of your employees through a customized portal. Handling relocations and minimizing corporate risk has never been easier.

Features and benefits

The advantages of partnering with XN include:

Personalized account management

We take care of both you and your employees on international assignment.

International insurance expertise

XN is a true specialist in coverage for expatriates, providing you with advice and products that are time-tested.

Consolidated plans

Instead of multiple plans, we provide you with one plan that’s easy to manage.

Access via web portal

HR and Risk Managers who purchase XN Global Healthcare Insurance have secure access to a Web portal that enables you to manage your account and modify coverage when needed.

Up-to-the-minute reporting

We provide you with the capacity to know exactly what’s going on with the policy of each one of your employees.

24/7 customer service

XN’s Global Service Center offers multilingual support around the clock, wherever you may be.

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