xn global moving insurance

XN’s Global Moving Insurance provides comprehensive worldwide coverage for belongings at every stage of the move, from packing to unpacking. It covers most physical damage including breakage, disappearance, loss, theft and water damage. This global policy has no territorial restrictions and is completely inclusive, extending to most personal effects, furniture and valuables with few exceptions. It applies to both transportation and storage exposures during transit and regardless of the carrier’s transportation means.

Coverage Features

  • Coverage takes effect the moment the goods are packed and ends only when the goods are received
  • Damage to personal property valued at $5,000 or more is indemnified on the basis of replacement cost with no deduction for depreciation
    • Items must have been specifically declared prior to ship and pre-removal inspection may be required
  • Coverage is worldwide
  • All risk coverage – subject to policy terms and conditions
  • Goods are covered at replacement cost
  • Electronic equipment are covered on a replacement basis if equipment is less than five years old
  • Coverage applies to transit and storage exposures
  • Coverage applies regardless of the means of transportation chosen by the carrier
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